500+ Sites Maintained
24 / 7 Emergency Service
all fire systems
25+ years experience

FlameSafe’s growing service division is more than capable of testing and maintaining the fire services at your property, ensuring your assets remain protected. We offer extensive coverage of Essential Fire Safety Measures and our accredited fire safety Assessors will assist you with your Annual Fire Safety Statements for Council Certification. Read more here

Our technicians perform regular site inspections and fire system testing in order to verify system compliance as per AS1851, or any other specifications required. Our Team will notify you of any issues that require resolution and will issue quotation for any repairs beyond our contracted scope.

As certification approaches for your property, we’ll produce your Fire Safety Assessment Certification, ensuring your fire systems remain compliant and satisfy obligations to regulators and insurers. Read more here

Industries we work with

Transport & tunnels
Control rooms
highrise | office complexes apartments
Factories | Warehouses | Distribution facilities
shopping centers |
retail | commercial
specialist facilities & Materials

FlameSafe proudly maintain a variety of properties for high profile clientele from commercial high rise office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial warehouse installations, transport infrastructure and everything in between.

Specializing In ALL Fire Protections

  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumpsets
  • Hydrants & Hosereels
  • Water Storage
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Gas Systems
  • Fire & Smoke Doors
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Emergency Warning Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Passive Fire & Smoke
  • Exit & Emergency Lights

We service buildings critical to the operations of many of Australia’s most recognised and successful companies, who rely on us to inspect, test, maintain and repair their equipment ensuring compliancy

Our Service team uses the FireMate mobile application to conduct testing onsite, allowing us to leave a site attendance form on-site, while automatically emailing you Test Results upon completion of testing. FlameSafe also uses and develops its own database information system in-house for managing and monitoring your assets.